Growing our business can be daunting, especially when we start to get to the point where we need to hire a team to support us. Often this happens a lot sooner than we think it or planned for.

There are many moving parts to our business and while we might be skilled in one area, it doesn’t mean we’re in all areas of business. And that is OK!

Bringing on a team is the answer and it means that you can expand, grow and leverage what you have to build the business you want.

Now, I know the prospect of hiring someone is scary. Are they going to do the right thing, will they fit in, how do you get them to do the work?

There is a lot that goes into hiring, and it’s not just about the money, so why should you start hiring your own team?


We really don’t value our time enough, we have one life, and we don’t need to spend it learning CSS. I know what it’s like to feel like you missed out on a part of your life because you were too busy working, trust me – another hour behind the computer learning how to build a website when it’s totally not your thing will not make you happy.

If I paid you $100 to spend a couple of hours with your family enjoying life I bet you would jump at the chance. Well, it’s just the same as handballing a task to your team; you are paying someone else so you can do the things you are better at and enjoy more.


I have been done the long road to burnout before, it’s not fun, and I have promised myself never to let myself get there again. Ugly crying at 2am in the morning is not amusing. The first step to understanding how not to get there again was to work out how I did it the first time.

It came down to being a certified control freak.. Are you holding the reins to your business so tightly that you think you are the only one that can do it correctly? Allowing help for your business means that you can build a relationship, learn to trust, and then lessen the grip you have on those reins. You don’t (and shouldn’t) hand over control for everything in your business straight away to your team but instead do it in stages.


Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The amount of times I tell people this each week is astounding. I want you to know how to run your business and what all the moving parts are of your business, but that is all. Be the leader in your industry, the most successful businesses are run by leaders who work at their business not in it.

If you are spending time doing tasks for your business you could outsource are you costing your business money? Tell me do you know what you charge out rate to your business is? It’s more than you think!


Let’s be honest with ourselves, we don’t follow our business processes all the time. Because we don’t have to answer to anyone but ourselves we can often find ourselves doing things the easy way vs the right way. This can cause Quality Assurance issues for our customers and also turn into one big headache.

By having a team supporting you they will follow the process, it’s their job. They will have someone to answer to and this means that your customer user experience should increase Imagine what could happen when the methods are getting followed and customer expectations are being met.

Hiring your first team or team member doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be a stressful time. Start by looking at all the work you are doing in your business and what small task could be done by someone else, ( and perhaps better than you do it). Build a task list so that you can identify who you need to hire and communicate effectively with them what your expectations are going to be around this.

Then come over here and see how we can help you to onboard your team.


The team members at Blanca Creative are a little like superheroes. Together we are unstoppable, but we can’t release our identities because it would put you in danger.

We’re comprised of Graphic Designer, Branding Expert, Copywriter, Editors, Sales Funnel Strategist, Virtual Assistants, Online Business Manager, WordPress Developers, Systems Wrangler, Automation Lover, and Tech Genius.




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