Blanca Creative is a Digital Marketing & Strategy Agency

Specialising in design and branding, web design and development, business support, and systems automation.

Hey, I am Lauren June.  I am a business coach, online education + community leader + Owner + Editor at There are a lot of moving parts in my day, which I couldn’t keep rolling with my team.

Why did I start Blanca Creative?

My first coaching and strategy client ended up sobbing part way into our first session.

We were working on some lead generation ideas, but all of a sudden she looked at me and burst into tears. Overwhelm hit, and it hit hard!

How was she going to make it all happen? We had this fabulous three-month strategy package contracted and she realised she had no idea how to do any of the technical work herself.

When she asked me where she could get help, I stumbled. Sure, I could tell her to go to Facebook groups, Upwork or even…. Fiverr. (No, don’t, that was a not-so-funny joke.)

But that’s not the answer to the bigger problem; she needed a whole team to support her and trying to find the right people was just too much. Then the pressure comes from trying to get everyone to all work in sync; each subcontractor works differently, communicates differently, and then I know what it costs when the end result is not as expected – more money.

So, I did the one thing I knew would work for her – I loaned her my team. The people that I have been working with for years, the ones that perfected working together.

The solution made simple.

Because we’re all the best times you ate a 5-star restaurant. In one place. We have a smorgasbord of chops and carry them with us to one place – Blanca. Because separately, our businesses have provided sales, growth, strategy, sanity, and money in the bank. Because we use food metaphors. (And who can resist those?)

We all have worked, and like to work with one specific boss lady. She’s the one you speak with when we’re working for you and she’s the one that makes our concurrent tasks work in synchronicity. All of the extended team at Blanca understands the concept that blending unique talents of some of the best solopreneurs available yields previously unattainable results. Speaking of results, they’re pretty sweet.

Well, that’s up to you. Our creatives are busy little chefs, cooking up a storm in our own businesses right now. But we’ll heed the call when it comes from our Blanca Creative Queen – to sell, showcase, or strategise your brand and you. Let’s start with a chat.  


The team members at Blanca Creative are a little like superheroes. Together we are unstoppable, but we can’t release our identities because it would put you in danger.

We’re comprised of Graphic Designer, Branding Expert, Copywriter, Editors, Sales Funnel Strategist, Virtual Assistants, Online Business Manager, WordPress Developers, Systems Wrangler, Automation Lover, and Tech Genius.