You wanted to start a business.

Not a marketing agency.

And yet it feels like you need to know everything about marketing. Right. Now.

Where do you start when there’s SO MUCH to learn? Right here:

Just The Sh*t You Need To Know (And No Other Cr*p): Marketing 101

Get your name on the door

Combining 25+ years of communications, marketing, and strategy (not that you’d ever tell from their lack of wrinkles) Lauren and Jay deliver honest, fluff-and-upsell free, value rich content to help you sort the marketing wheat from the chaff and stop wasting all your precious time.

This 2-day workshop has been carefully curated from their individual and collective experiences – having worked together for 3 years – and teaches how to skip the mess and fuss of the first years of floundering and get down and dirty with the sh*t you NEED to know.

  • No more ineffective hit-and-miss advertising with the ‘Boost Post’ button. 
  • No more copy that sounds like everyone else. 
  • No more branding that feels out of alignment with your personal values. 
  • No more feeling like you’ll go plumb crazy if another guru tries to sell you another 7 step formula for a ridiculous amount of money.

    Just tried-and-true advice that works.

Get your name on the door

All the details:

Day: 24-25 July 2018

Time: 9.15 am till 4pm x 2 days

Place: Dome Maylands

Price: $397 – $350 Early Bird


Day 1:
9.15 Coffee, Registration and Set Up Of Your Devices
9.30 – Introduction with Jay & Lauren
10.00: Marketing 101 with Lauren
12.00: Lunch Break
12.45: Communication 101 With Jay
2.00: Coffee Break
2.15: Communication 101 Continue
4.00: Home to bed (and homework)

Day 2:
9.15 Coffee, Registration and Set Up Of Your Devices
9.30: Automate Your Marketing with Lauren
11.00: Content Creation with Jay and Lauren
12.30: Lunch
1.00: Email Marketing 101 with Lauren and Jay
2.30: Social Media with Lauren and Jay
4.00 Q&A 4.30pm Finish

If you are wondering whether you should attend workshops with Jay and Lauren, read on to give you the encouragement to do so. I recently attended the Unveiled, a luncheon for business women and came away delighted with the whole experience.

I had met both Jay and Lauren before so I knew I was in for a enjoyable time learning and getting invaluable tips and ideas on creating my ideal client and marketing strategy. It was a delightful day spent with other women openly talking about our passions and challenges in a beautiful environment. I trust this gives you what you need to make your decision now.

 – Chantal –


What the details?

Marketing 101 including:

Communication 101 Including: How to build a brand, ideal client, brand voice in copywriting, copywriting basics, writing and editing process

Automate Your Marketing with Lauren

Content Creation with Jay and Lauren Sales pages, what else did you want in here?

Email Marketing 101 with Lauren and Jay How to write an email, simple structure to replicate every time

Social Media with Lauren and Jay How to write for SM

Meet Your Hosts Jay Crisp Crow is a certified word-nerd who squandered her writing studies for over a decade in communications for private schools before an epiphany struck and she took her own gig on the road – and surprised herself by becoming a multi-award winning business owner. Jay works with brands and businesses around the globe digging into their brand, pulling apart their messaging, and writing their copy. She also teaches women in business (including other copywriters) how to write words that sell.  She regularly presents and speaks in Perth and online on everything copy and words. Why is she qualified to tell you how to do it? Jay helps smart brands and businesses tackle one of the most underutilised skills in marketing – their messaging. She’s witnessed the right words catapult brands from struggling and silent to having clients and customers up the wazoo. She’s one of the highest paid freelance copywriters in Australia because she’s really good at one thing (besides writing). It’s brand voice. Here’s what the people she works with say about her: “One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours…” “I think it’s because she has so much enthusiasm and knowledge for her subject matter, you can’t help but be inspired about upgrading your wording, messaging, and branding after hearing her speak.” Her words seem to hit just the spot. I have heard her come up with stunning lines about my core values, aims and ideal client that illuminate my writing.”

Lauren June is system junkie, numbers nerd,  and a total email marketing maven. She believes we already have everything we need to make our business a success – we just need to get real with ourselves, our time, and our bottom line.

Lauren works with literally thousands of women in business through her three platforms – she’s the Editor of Roooar Magazine and Community, Business + Money + Systems + Marketing bossy boots at Lauren June – Business Development Strategist and is queen of talent of Blanca Creative – a creative digital marketing agency. She adores systems, money, and nerding up because it allows women to build the life they love without letting their businesses swallow them whole.

Why is she qualified to tell you how to do it? Lauren has done it. The multi 6-figure business thing. She started her first company at 24 years old and by 25, had a team of employees and had hit the magic number. She had the big business, lived that dream, and then walked away from it. She knows exactly what it’s like to begin a business only to find it no longer works for who you are. She’s worked with multi-million dollar companies and taken them from working at a loss to a profitable status. She’s worked with startups who have similar budgets to a weekly grocery bill. The concepts are the same.

Here’s what the people she works with say about her:

“I have to say, you’re service is remarkable and you are so damn good at what you do! I can see us using you in multiple ways moving forward. So glad I found you.”

“She has a knack for taking complex details – like navigating Facebook ads – and describing it in a way that I can not only understand, but apply again later when she’s not here to help – that’s huge!”

“Lauren changed the very way I thought about my business. She made me see that my business was a direct reflection of how I organise myself, my life, my creative spark. “

Need those details again?

2 days of learning and implementation – 

Day: 24-25 July 2018

Time: 9.15 am till 4pm x 2 days

Place: Dome Maylands

Price: $397 – $350 Early Bird

Also please note This workshop is limited to 25 participants to ensure maximum engagement. The group is kept purposefully small so you don’t get lost and slip through the cracks. Please BYO device and charger each day. Dome will deliver us lunch in the workroom or you can take a break and go for a walk down Maylands’ cafe strip.  Refunds are not available but tickets can be transferred to a lucky friend in business, should you not be able to make it. Have questions? Email Lauren or Jay here.

Get your name on the door